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Apostle Newton is a man after God's own heart that has been called to reach a generation of believers for the Kingdom of God. God has blessed him with Apostolic Authority and gifted him with Prophetic Insight. 

Apostle Earl L. Newton

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"​An Apostolic voice with a relevant word"

God's Servant​

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  • Indescribable3:58
  • Worship Melody (Joy of the Lo5:14
  • Medley: Praise the Name of Jesus1:20
  • Indescribable3:58
  • If We Faint Not4:31
  • How Great Is Our God (World Edition)6:05
  • I Want to Be Ready4:35
  • Need To Know (Dawkins)4:10
  • You Didn't Have To4:14
  • Praise Him5:23
  • I Believe5:37
  • Nobody Greater6:08
  • I Give Myself Away5:18