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Bridging Cultures and Faiths: My Apostolic Journey in Rural Evangelism in Nigeria. (KLGN)


Today, I want to share with you my unique journey of rural evangelism in Nigeria, a path filled withchallenges, learning, and profound growth. As an American who has grown accustomed to thechurch culture in America, while in this vibrant yet distinct cultural landscape, I've been able with thehelp of God to navigate various hurdles, from cultural differences to funding constraints. Yet, theexperience has been immensely rewarding, thanks to the incredible synergy with local leaders andour shared vision for the future and how we believe the Kingdom of God will be expressed in Nigeria.

Overcoming Cultural Challenges

One of the first and most significant challenges I faced was bridging the cultural gap. Nigeria's richand diverse traditions were initially overwhelming. I learned early on that effective communicationand respect for local customs were key. By actively engaging with the community and participating inlocal customs, I slowly earned their trust and understanding. This cultural exchange wasn't just one-way; I also shared aspects of my American heritage, fostering a mutual respect, and understanding that became the foundation of our evangelism efforts. If I may be totally honest here, I am thinking that I was this young, fiery, anointed preacher with a word that would shift the landscape of Gods people here. Not realizing that God wanted to use this as an opportunity to simply show me just how diverse the Kingdom of God is. And to expose me to a portion of the Apostolic grace that is residentin my life.

In the quiet fields of rural evangelism, every shared belief is like a seed sown in fertile soil, sprouting hope and faith in untold hearts.

Managing Limited Funding

Our mission, though noble, has not been without its financial hurdles. With limited funding, we had tobe creative and resourceful. I am grateful for a faith filled wife, and a group of local pastors whobelieve in the vision that God has given to Kingdom Life Global Network and has entrusted me withtheir resources to help further the cause of Christ. We prioritized our activities, focusing oncommunity-driven projects that required minimal resources but had maximum impact. Throughlocal partnerships and volunteer support, we have managed to stretch our funds further than I everthought possible. This experience has taught an invaluable lesson that passion and commitmentoften outweigh financial constraints. While dealing with these constraints it has further help toincrease the grace of financial stewardship over our Network.

Rural evangelism thrives on the simple, powerful act of sharing – notjust a doctrine, but a lived experience, a personal journey of faith anddiscovery.

Developing Synergy with Local Leaders

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this journey has been the strong relationships we've built withlocal spiritual leaders. It is amazing how God has used one single relationship that I was blessed toforge with Dr. Saturday Mark Akpan to help begin the process of establishing the network here inNigeria over five years ago. Understanding the importance of community leadership in rural Nigeria,we worked closely with village leaders, respecting their insights and integrating their wisdom into ouractivities. This synergy not only helped in effectively communicating our message of faith andreconciliation but also ensured that our efforts were in line with the community's needs andexpectations. Together, we've created a sustainable model of evangelism while working in conjunctionwith ICORE that resonates deeply with the local populace.

In rural evangelism, every conversation is a bridge built, connecting heart to heart, faith to faith, under the vast sky of spiritual understanding.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, our vision is to continue building on these foundations. We aim to expand our reachto more rural areas, bringing together more communities in faith and understanding. We are lookingto plant Life Changers Global Ministries campuses in every rural village in Nigeria. We are alsoexploring ways to make our initiatives more self-sustaining, possibly through small communityprojects that can fund and support our evangelism efforts. Above all, we hope to continue being abridge between cultures, fostering a space of mutual respect and shared faith. We want to be theeyes and the ears of our Heavenly Father in the earth realm and to be the giver of love that is sharedfrom the father for all his children.


My Apostolic journey in Nigeria has been a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and cross-cultural collaboration. It's a continuous learning process, one that challenges me to grow every day.One that keeps me in a place of humble submission to the divine will of God for my life and for thelives of his people. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this beautiful country and excitedabout what the future holds. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to sharingmore stories with you.

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